Transforaminal 2

Modules 1-9

Course Summary

This course will demonstrate how to use  the lumbar transforaminal approach to address 3 problems in the Foraminal Canal:

Bony Foraminal Stenosis  
Foraminal disc herniations  
Far Lateral disc herniations

Course Curriculum

Tony Mork

Cervical facet pain is a common problem encountered by physicians who treat spinal pain.  Endoscopic cervical facet debridement is an intriguing method to treat facet pain by directly addressing the injured or pain generating anatomy.  Potential targets for endoscopic treatment are the posterior joint capsule, the posterior synovium and hypertrophied joint margins.  Dr. Mork’s course addresses all aspects of the procedure from A to Z.  While many courses focus on patient selection and technical procedure aspects, Dr. Mork’s course covers important topics not usually seen elsewhere like scheduling and consent, draping and OR disposables, dictation and billing.  The meat and potatoes of the course though is the intraoperative presentation. This is well covered and the endoscopic portion of the procedure plays well to an educational medium that uses video.  There is a lack of comprehensive endoscopic learning materials.  Dr. Mork’s Endoscopic Spine Academy fills a badly needed void in standardizing endoscopic spine surgery education and will nicely complement vendor and professional society sponsored courses.

George Rappard, MD

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